You are looking for a job – we are looking for CGI experts.

We need full-time or part-time associates, depending on what you are specialized in

Blender Artist

You have to be a fanatic in the blender world. If you are senior in 2.7 and junior in 2.8 blender generation you have advantages over the others.

Blender Lighter

Relevant lighting is required for each scene. Your task is to prepare an adequate render multipass setup and do all the interventions regarding shading, reflection, refraction, artifacts, antialiasing and rendering noise.

Rigger / Character Animator

You will get a character with a great topology from the sculptor. When you’re done with the IQ riveting it’s time for your character to stand out on stage. You can choose Blender or Maya program.

After Effects Master

Creativity and unique mograph is a priority among our requirements. Experience in working with 3D animators and working on the multipass compositing stage of production is desirable. An added plus is the experience with 2D character animations.

Archviz Master

If you have a great portfolio of photorealistic interiors and exteriors done in a Corona, Vray or Cycles render machine – you are welcome to our team. An additional plus is if you can do the walk-through setup in Unreal Engine and Sketchfab.

Houdini Master

Realistic and organic simulations and export preparation for other production programs. Often, we need unique particle systems and fracture and fluid simulations.

Concept Artist

Our marketing manager will give us guidance from the client and you will give us a conceptual design in the form of storyboards, conceptual scenery, objects and characters.


Our only requirement is that you have anatomy knowledge, a talent for form and expression. You have the freedom to choose a sculpting program. The concept artist will give you the idea and you will pass on your work to the animator when you do the topology, UV mapping and textures well.

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